Clean Service family

As a family business, we take care of each other, our employees and you.

We will take care of the mess, so that you are happy to return home.

All our employees, full-time housekeepers who have a fair wage, full benefits, paid vacation and a respectful work environment.

We guarantee your guarantees.

Family business.

As a family business, we are committed to taking the best care of our customers and our employees.

The best employees

All services are performed by our own full-time employees. We never use contract work.

Staff of housewives.

We treat our employees with respect - all our employees earn a living wage. This means quality work and satisfaction.

We'll take care of the mess and errands so you're happy to come home.

At CleanService, we believe that the home should be a place of relaxation. We do what we do - so that you can return to your home with joy and just enjoy it.

We will never cancel.

Cleaning is a commitment. If we ever cancel it, we would pay you €100. Guaranteed.

No contracts

You can cancel our services at any time.

We are your team of housekeepers and helpers.

20 years in the field, our team knows what cleanliness means.
Repeat clients receive discounted or even free service add-ons. That's right, free..

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